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Aasha Children Hospital, Near New Fountain, Porbandar 360 575. (Gujarat) India.
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Aasha Children Hospital

Asha Children Hospital was constructed by Shri Ashvin Bharania Charity Foundation under guidance of Shri Ashvinbhai Manjibhai Bharania. It was inaugurated by Srhi Moraribapu on 16th April, 1989. The main aim of this hospital is to provide medical aid at concessional rates to the children of Porbandar and villages around Porbandar.

The hospital is having facilities like General Ward, Special Ward, ICU and Neonatal Center, X-Ray Room, Laboratory, Vaccination Center, Playground for kids, Ambulance, Canteen, Medical Store etc. Patients are charged minimum OPD charges so that no child should remain without treatment. Hospital runs on No-Profit No-Loss basis.

OPD charge is Rs.10/- (Rupees Ten Only) while indoor patients Rs.100/- (Rupees One Hundred only) per 24 hours. In last 22 years, more than 5,20,000 (Five Lac Twenty Thousand) children have been treated at OPD level. At indoor level, more than 70,000 (Seventy Thousand) children have been treated.

Aasha Blood Bank

Asha Blood Bank was established 7 years ago by Shri Ashvinbhai Bharania Charity Foundation. Its main purpose is to provide blood free of cost to the patients of Thalassemia and Hemophilia. Blood transfusion is also free of cost.

Monthly requirement of whole blood in Asha Blood Bank is 500 units. But at present, the facility of component is not available. Also more than 50 % blood is given free of cost.

In fact, this noble work was began 16 years back but at that time institution did not have facility of blood bank. So Jagrut Blood Bank of Porbandar co-operated and provided blood at 50% cost to thalassemia patients.

At present, Blood bank gives blood at 50% to the BPL Card Holders. There are 190 children suffering from thalassamia who are registered with the institute and get free blood. Institute gives free to blood to more than 200 children per month.

What is blood component unit ?

Normally blood is deposited with blood banks and given to the patients as and when required by doctors. But as per WHO’s latest scientific research, blood cells a separated in 3 parts namely : RBC (Red Blood Cell), Platelets and Plasma. Some specific equipments are required for this separation process.

Human body needs blood in emergency in some serious diseases like Anemia, Thalassemia, Hemophilia, Pregnancy, Major Surgeries, Many hereditary diseases and at the time of accidents.

For example, patients of Anemia, Thalassemia, Major Surgeries often need RBC (PCV). For burnt patients and hemophilia patients, plasma is required. Platelets are required for accidental cases, chikungunya, dengue, pregnancy etc. Whole blood is required when blood deficiency is diagnosed.

Normally, patients are given whole blood which may cause serious side effects like increment of hemoglobin, plasma or blood ratio etc.

Why is blood component unit required at Porbandar ?

There is not a single blood component blood bank in the city. Due to this, patients of the city are given whole blood. Sometimes patients have to move to Rajkot or Ahmedabad in case of requirement of component. Many Patients can not afford these expenses and due to lake of this facility, people lose their lives.

The institute is planning to establish such unit in Porbandar to avoid the problems mentioned above. Your kind co-operation is needed to achieve such a noble goal.

The list of necessary equipments for blood component unit

Sr. No. Name Qty Company Price
1 Tube Sealer Beach Type 1 Pempol 165000
2 Tube Sealer Portable 1 Pempol 165000
3 Blood Bank Refrigerator 1 Labtop 137000
4 Platelet Agitator & Incubator 48 1 Pempol 385000
5 Plasma Thawing Bath 1 Labtop 90000
6 Deep Freezer -40 Degree 1 Remi 172000
7 Plasma Separator Ele. 1 Pempol 63800
8 Compo Scale 1 Pempol 44000
9 Centrifuge 1 Pempol 1800000
10 Laminiar Air Flow 1 Pempol 150000
11 Donor Couch 1 Pempol 150000
12 Collection Monitor 1 Remi 165000
13 Air Conditioner 5   125000
14 Furniture     150000
15 Computer + Printer     58200
16 Generator     175000
17 Needle Destroyer     5000
18 Construction 2500 Sq. Ft.     1500000
      Grand Total 5500000


Aasha Thalassemia Center
The institute has established a Thalassemia Center alongwith Asha Children Hospital. The atmosphere of this center is such that the child patient forgets all the pain and gets delighted with joy. The facility to give blood while watching cartoons or movies, indoor games, kids drawings, nice books etc provide pain removing atmosphere to the child patient. Parents of thalassemia patient are also informed time to time about frequency of giving blood, maintaining iron ratio and its tests. They are also provided counseling by expert Doctors for precaution against thalassemia for next child.

Aasha Pathology Laboratory
The institute has also established an advanced pathology laboratory along with the hospital. Approximately 35000 patients have been served with all kind of tests.

Aasha Radiology Department
The institute has also established an advanced vaccination center along with the hospital. Here vaccination against Polio, Typhoid, Jaundice, Hepatitis B, M.M.R., D.P.T. etc are given to child patients. Approximately 40000 patients have benefitted till date.

Mamta Kendra
Mamta Kendra Yojana by Gujarat Government is also running at the institute. Under this project, Iron tablets to pregnant women, Mosquito Net for children are distributed. Free counseling provided to women for Precautions to be taken during and after pregnancy and how to take care of the health of the child from the time of birth.

T. B. (Dots Center)
The institute is running Dots center for last 5 years. In the year 2008-09, the institute achieved second place in the institutes working at NGO Level. The institute was awarded by Gujarat Government on 24.3.2009 (World T.B.Day) by State Health Minister Shri Jay Narayan Vyas.

H.I.V. – AIDS Project
The institute is working on HIV-AIDS for last 5 years. Two projects namely : Jeevandip and Targeted Intervention Project are running. Under these projects, to provide awareness against HIV and awareness to get government help for such diseases.